Thursday, December 13

"Constantly Recreating": Bachelor of the Arts Exhibition

Runs through December 14. Bachelor of arts students present work featuring a variety of media including graphic design, illustration, digital media,...

Art Exhibition: Ink is my Charcoal: Paintings by Marcela Hanford

Marcela Hanford was born in Switzerland to Mexican parents. Much of her childhood was spent in Europe, following her parents' different postings. Shuttling...

Open Recreation Basketball

Recreational basketball for the campus. Please bring clean dry sneakers for the gym.

"Exit": Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

A culminating event and celebration that both graphic design and studio art students anticipate and prepare for throughout their college years. Continuing...

Lap Swim

Come swim laps at our pool.

Open Recreation Swimming

Open recreation swimming. Take a splash and bring the whole family.

Thursday, December 13