Sunday, November 17

Art Exhibition: Marie Lorenz, "Travels 2010-2019"

Lorenz explores urban waterways, collecting and documenting found objects and recording them in different ways, by printing, casting, or making videos. Her...

Skate and Shoot

For current SUNY Oswego students, faculty & staff only - the Skate and Shoot program provides a casual, non-aggressive environment for members of the campus...

Lee Hall Open Recreation Basketball

Come play open basketball with friends. Free with your SUNY Oswego ID. All equipment provided!

Performance: "Don Giovanni"

"Don Giovanni," an antihero in Mozart’s drama of lust and revenge, comes to life in Waterman Theatre. Surrounded by memorable characters, it is filled with...

Open Recreation Swimming

Bring friends and come swim!

Open Skating (Evening)

Recreational ice skating at SUNY Oswego's Marano Campus Center Arena for members of the general public and campus community. As a fun way to develop...

Planetarium show: "Laying Eyes on the Unseen"

In April of 2019, scientists working with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration released the first ever images of the regions surrounding two...

Sunday, November 17