Monday, September 23

Lee Hall Open Recreation Basketball

Come play open basketball with friends. Free with your SUNY Oswego ID. All equipment provided!

Lecture: Mark Lomax

The year 2015 was a landmark one for hip-hop artists Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole who made headlines by making artistic statements aligning them with the...

Lectures and presentations fallback

I , Too, Am Study Abroad is a panel series featuring SUNY Oswego students who have studied abroad sharing their experience on a topic. This month will focus...

Students walking on campus

Do you like puzzling out solutions to mind-benders? Do you find yourself mulling over math problems in between classes? Have you caught yourself watching...

Swetman Gym Open Recreation Basketball

Grab friends and come shoot some hoops! All equipment provided!

Open Recreation Swimming

Bring friends and come swim!

Open Skating (Evening)

Recreational ice skating at SUNY Oswego's Marano Campus Center Arena for members of the general public and campus community. As a fun way to develop...

The Mark Lomax Quartet: "400: An Afrikan Epic"

This quartet embodies the fire and passion of John Coltrane's great Classic Quartet of the mid 1960s, while also presenting a modern sensibility that allows...

Monday, September 23