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Ke-nekt' Series: David Cook, commercial and jazz pianist

Pianist, composer and musical director David Cook is equally at home in commercial and jazz music working with 10-time Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift, Lizz...

10/23 7:30pm
Ke-nekt' Series: Michael James Olson, Electronic Music

Michael James Olson uses electronic music, video, guitar and Tibetan Singing Bowls to create lush ambient landscapes drawing heavily on life in the upper...

11/6 7:30pm
Ke-Nekt' Series: Hugo Vera, Tenor

Tenor Hugo Vera is described as possessing a “truly heroic voice” that is both “beautiful and brilliant.” Increasingly in demand and a recent addition to The...

2/7/2020 5:30pm
Cie Hervé KOUBI: What the Day Owes to the Night

This company of 13 outstanding men from Algeria and Burkina Faso deliver a jaw-dropping performance packed with backflips, head spins, and a transcending...

2/12/2020 7:30pm
Blue Jupiter: Twisted Broadway

Featuring SUNY Oswego Alumnus Diana Preisler, Blue Jupiter is the cutting edge of a cappella, soaring pop and Broadway leads, tight harmonies, unbelievable...

3/7/2020 7:30pm

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