Imagine 2021


In this free 5-week program, SUNY Oswego students and the Class of 2020 will have the opportunity to connect with alumni and employers to kick-start career development as you discover the best career path, search for internships and jobs, hone your online presence, and connect with professionals!
Imagine 2021 SUNY Oswego logo with pictures of Jenn Lee, ‘11; Sophia Elacqua ‘15; Halle Bristol, ‘22; and Kayla Holley, ‘21

Long gone are the days that employers are hiring students with just a strong GPA. Employers today are looking for students with some related experience and a...

1/25 4pm
Virtual Event
Imagine 2021 SUNY Oswego logo with pictures of Scott Millslagle, Val Matta, and Sarah Viner

Explore how to utilize Handshake, CareerShift and LinkedIn most effectively search for positions best related to your career goals! Join us to hear from...

1/26 4pm
Virtual Event
Tina Cooper

Your experience means your unique process! Developing an internship that meets your career goals is well within your reach. Join us to hear from Tina Cooper...

1/27 4pm
Virtual Event
Imagine 2021 SUNY Oswego

A must attend mentor networking event! Our alumni graduated and moved their careers forward in so many wonderful ways - learn from their experience. Speak...

2/10 4pm
Virtual Event
Claudia Kiburz '75

Are you interested in teaching? Have you ever thought of doing it internationally? Join class of 1975 alumna and teaching fellow for Nazarbayev University...

1/29 10am
Virtual Event
Imagine 2021: Day Session with Kevin McMahon ’78

Join Class of 1978 alumnus Kevin McMahon as he discusses how his experiences and work have helped him to open his own advisory company for engineering,...

1/25 3pm
Virtual Event
Paloma Sarkar M'11

Class of 2011 alumna Paloma Sarkar talks about her role as the first Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management and Strategic Planning at Pathfinder Bank....

1/26 7pm
Virtual Event
Barbara Ciceron '13

Class of 2013 alumna Barbara Ciceron, a Haiti native. shares her journey in becoming the Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney’s...

1/27 7pm
Virtual Event
Lizz Cuzzacrea ’11

Join Class of 2011 alumna Lizz Cuzzacrea as she discusses how she has gained her expertise in UX Research and is helping small sized start-ups build...

1/28 6pm
Virtual Event
Christopher Collins-McNeil '16

Tune into Hire Oz's Instagram Live as Alaces Jewel-Sarmiento ‘21 chats with Christopher Collins-McNeil ‘16 about their identity and career. Christopher...

1/28 7pm
Virtual Event
Quindell Williams ' 11

Class of 2011 alumnus Quindell Williams shares how he went from an Emmy Award winning photojournalist and licensed drone pilot for CNY Central to a Drone...

1/29 5pm
Virtual Event
Anja Godlewski-Dykes ’15

Join Class of 2015 alumna Anja Godlewski-Dykes, a Senior Account Growth Specialist at Digital Hyve, as she discusses her journey through the digital...

1/25 12pm
Virtual Event
Imagine 2021: Day Session with Nina House ’17

Join Class of 2017 alumna Nina House as she discusses how her love for nature and her experiences at Oswego have led her to travel across America to...

1/25 7pm
Virtual Event
David Pearlman '92

Join Class of 1992 alumnus David Pearlman and his Microsoft team as they discuss the many opportunities and career paths available at one of the top...

1/26 3pm
Virtual Event
Geordan Holmes ’13 M’15

Join Class of 2013 alumna Geordan Holmes as she discusses her work experiences as a Mental Health Counselor, her path to getting licensed and other career...

1/27 3pm
Virtual Event
Adam Shear '14

Join Class of 2014 alumnus Adam Shear as he discusses how he was able to land his current position at NBCUniversal and help to launch their new streaming...

1/28 10am
Virtual Event
Irene Scruton

In this session, you'll learn about entrepreneurship and how an entrepreneurial mindset can be an exciting alternative or complement to traditional career...

1/28 4pm
Virtual Event